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Josh Groban singing I Believe with Rising Star finalist Austin French at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA. (Video by Cora Vizcarra) (x)


Josh Groban singing Smile in Canadaigua, NY. (Video by Lisa Poirier) (x)

Austen French, Loves Jesus, Gives glory to God!

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That I can’t contain, that I can’t controlI want more of You, God ❤️


That I can’t contain, that I can’t control
I want more of You, God ❤️

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Soooooo sleepy. Nodding out.


Adriana Sinke

Looks so serene


Josh Groban | Austin’s Growth & Removing the West…:

It’s that time

It’s that time

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"Love makes every person’s life better and this person feels happier every next day. When you love someone who is by your side you think you are the luckiest person in the world, as you have someone you loves you and cares for you. The moments you are spending together are the greatest and the most beautiful moments in your life, so if not everything goes right, you are still thankful, as you have memories of the wonderful moments of your life."

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i know that running away from your problems does not solve them, but i truly think that if someone whisked me away to a cabin in the woods in alaska right now i would feel a lot better.